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3 Must Haves for the Techie With Style

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

We are a society that is constantly trying to find new ways to advance in our technology and finding ways to incorporate it into our homes. Even more so as designers, we are challenged to keep up with new technology - making sure our clients get the absolute best! Here are CTD, we found three items that are to sure look amazing in any home!

Samsung’s “The Frame” is definitely one item that everyone should have in their home. If you have yet to discover this TV, let us introduce you! The Frame is a TV that, when turned off, displays artwork instead of being a “Black Hole” in your space. We love this piece because instead of it adding no design to your space, you can select over 100 different artworks to complete your home.

Our next favorite “hidden gem” is the QLOCKTOW wall clock. This clock illuminates words

instead of numbers, putting a fun little twist on

your typical clock. It serves it’s purpose as a clock, but also becomes a killer piece of art work that will surely have all your friends and family jealous! (They even produce this as a watch!)

Our last favorite is more of the “face” of technology we use every day. Forbes and Lomax has designed these light switches and dimmers to give your home a total upgrade in such a small way. There are four different designs to select from (including acrylic!) and multiple finishes for a personal touch. Our personal favorite is the Rotary Dimmer in Aged Brass.


Now, if you haven’t heard of Samsung’s unveiling of “The Wall”, then you’re truly missing out on all the shared excitement! We are FLIPPING OUT over this! LCD and LED are going to be a thing of the past!

“The Wall” is a modular (yes, you read that correct!) TV unit that uses microLED giving you the clearest, most colorful viewing experience you could ever imagine. Using ultra-low reflection black technology, this creates an “unparalleled contrast and detail” unlike anything before. If you’re into technology, hosting movie nights, or simply want the best - this TV is for you! We cannot wait to see this bad boy in person.

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