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Her greatest strength is her breezy self-confident personality backed up by real expertise.

I got to know Chrystal as she was the interior designer for a very special project of mine. This was a new custom home for a family that I had worked for before- also personal friends. Chrystal came in late after some difficulties working with the original designer who seemed to lack energy or enthusiasm (or perhaps both). It was a breath of fresh air. As an architect it was now fun to go to project meetings and be able to bounce ideas and have a lively discussion. I felt that she was able to tune into the owner’s design aspirations in a way that only a few designers I’ve worked with have done. Chrystal was also more familiar with products and  construction techniques than most. I’d say she was extremely collaborative and communicative with all the people on the job. Her greatest strength is her breezy self-confident personality backed up by real expertise. I would be pleased to work with her again and would recommend her to clients.  My advice would just be to continue to build on the strengths she already possesses.

Jack Franzen,
J.P. Franzen Associates Architects, P.C.

We knew immediately that she recognized and valued quality.

Chrystal had a clear understanding of the building process and no specific style - she seemed like someone that would learn what we liked and build our home with our style.  This is now clear looking at the difference between the styles of each of her completed projects.  She asked us such thoughtful questions - including what we each remembered most from our childhood homes, and what words we might use to describe our aesthetic.

She even asked what song made me think about the environment I wanted to live in. Her knowledge base was far superior to other designers we had met with. She really listened to us - she cared about what we wanted. And she was confident. We believed that she could be successful in our project because she believed it! Her confidence really appealed to us, and was fully warranted. 

Amy & Ryan Lane,

One of the things I love about that she understood the building side of things, so the team worked really well together

Built to Order, Cover Story
athome magazine
Jan/Feb 2019
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